Personal protection in Munich

Personal protection or escort protection is the form of security that everyone knows from the cinema. In a black suit with a funk in their ears, the often very calm specialists work by their appearance alone. Synonyms for bodyguard are bodyguard or English bodyguard. The PRO TEC bodyguards do not correspond to the Hollywood cliché. The perfect personal protection is not noticeable and only appears in an emergency.

Personal protection is probably the most sensitive form of security service. With PRO TEC you trust experts who help you to concentrate on the essentials in everyday life. Thanks to our highly qualified employees, we offer you personal protection in Munich, Germany, Europe and worldwide. Of course, our employees speak several languages ​​and can therefore also optimally look after your foreign business partners. Sometimes armed personal protection is required. In order to be able to accompany you everywhere in this exceptional case, we have the official permit according to §28 WaffG and the special permit according to §42 (2) WaffG. Our employees also have years of experience in the field of personal and escort protection.

The protection and safety of life and limb of the person to be protected is the task of personal protection. In this way, the person to be protected is protected from attacks and assaults (e.g. kidnapping or assassinations). Often the bodyguard is also the driver of the person to be protected. In this case, PRO TEC offers the combination of the bodyguard with the professional limousine service. You will always reach your destination safely and comfortably.


24/7/365 - around the clock protection for you

Protection for life and limb does not allow a break. For this reason we offer you 24/7 protection. So you have a bodyguard at your side who assesses the situation and takes the necessary measures in the event of danger or threat. We would also be happy to accompany you on your travels. PRO TEC bodyguards are characterized by reliability and discretion.

We adapt our services to your personal requirements. The protection can be booked for you alone or for several people around you. We can also accompany you on specific occasions or the whole day if you wish.

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Preparation and preliminary information

You decide how you want to design the service. In any case, we will prepare for your assignment in the best possible way. This includes the preliminary reconnaissance of the object to be visited. This preparation is also called risk analysis and is the basis for a comprehensive safety concept. We know the escape routes before we get there with you, we know about possible dangers and always have a plan on hand. In an emergency, we can act at lightning speed and guarantee the best possible protection for you - only those who know the risks can prevent them.