Property protection in Munich

Security service for real estate, construction sites and reception.

Individual property protection protects an property from vandalism, theft or even unauthorized access. Together with you, we coordinate the goals and tasks of the security employee and thus create security that is more than just a feeling.

A look at the crime statistics shows how important professional property protection is. Damage to property alone causes costs of several million euros each year. One more argument for professional and, above all, reliable property protection. We guarantee one through our trained staff


Property protection - plant security and construction site security

Property protection or plant security is one of the classic tasks of a security company. The area of ​​responsibility ranges from private households to construction sites or the public sector. The security employee is responsible for protecting against vandalism, burglary or sabotage. A good security service also protects against white-collar crime by protecting company secrets.

On construction sites, the task of security personnel is to protect against unauthorized access or theft. Construction site security is about preventing theft. The employee ensures that the lock is correct and can thus identify security-relevant events at an early stage and take appropriate measures.

Detecting, reporting and eliminating dangers is an elementary part of the job, especially when on patrol duty. Be it an open window or a fire door that cannot be locked - a trained security officer is aware of the danger to your property and knows the correct procedure.

24/7/365 - plant security around the clock

Property protection must be available to you around the clock. For the control of the entrance we offer friendly receptionists who receive your guests professionally at the gate. This is how we prevent unauthorized persons from entering your company premises. We are happy to combine property protection services with modern technology such as video surveillance and alarm systems. Through this sensible combination of modern technology with the presence of a professional appearance of our employees, we create a safe environment that has a deterrent effect on potential perpetrators.


Construction site surveillance in Munich

Immediate action is the most effective way of protecting property and life. Construction site security is primarily about protecting expensive building materials, valuable construction machinery or tools. We prevent costly construction delays through individual security concepts. We also offer a combination with modern safety technology for construction site safety. We would be happy to advise you.