Revierdienst in Munich

From factory premises, factories, warehouses or banks - when large areas have to be reliably monitored, cameras and alarm systems are often not enough. If the technology is not enough, the human being is challenged. This is where the district drivers from PRO TEC from Munich come into play.

What is Revierdienst

In the field service, an employee checks certain points on an indoor and outdoor site at defined intervals. The monitoring can take place both during the day and at night. The time the patrol is deployed is coordinated with the customer as required. Many customers also want an opening and closing service. We coordinate the exact scope of the patrol's duties with our customers in advance during a joint property inspection.

The Revierdienst sees itself as a part of property protection and thus the task of our employees is to protect your property and your company secrets. That is why our area drivers also pay attention to small things such as open windows or danger points that can trigger a fire.

In the event of irregularities, we react according to specifications and customer requests. As a rule, the danger is recorded and, as far as possible, eliminated. Preventive action eliminates dangers before damage occurs.


Intervention Service - Alarm Tracking

As a PRO TEC customer, you of course have the option of having your alarm system activated in our operations control center. In the event of an alarm, our intervention drivers drive to your property immediately, check there professionally what danger is present and take appropriate measures. There is constant consultation with the operations control center, as is contact with the customer.

Possible measures on site could be that the property is secured until the police arrive or, if a false alarm is detected, reactivating the alarm system.


Specialized staff

All of our employees are trained security experts. Certified through appropriate training and thanks to years of experience, the security staff at PRO TEC always know what the right course of action is in the event of danger. In this way, we can guarantee damage prevention and, thanks to regular patrols, security.


An overview of the duties of the district drivers

  • Regular patrols and patrols
  • Opening and closing services
  • Damage prevention
  • Arming / disarming alarm systems
  • Documentation of control points